Inside the Studio

The Designer

Reuben Reuel is the founder and creative director of Demestik.

Born in Virginia Beach, Virginia, Reuben found his love for fashion in his grandmother's impeccable taste and flamboyant style. As a skilled seamstress, she served as his primary influence and inspiration.

Reuben began his fashion education in 2002 during his junior year of high school later pursuing Fine Arts at Norfolk State University. Upon moving to New York City in 2007, Reuben studied at The Art Institute of New York City subsequently working for independent designers who focused on domestic manufacturing.

Demestik by Reuben Reuel was launched in 2012.


The Brand


“Designing is simple.
Keeping styles pure is the key. Interesting details help bring a focus. Structure and movement, body and fit, function and agenda; a garment should have a purpose. Without it, there is no point.Reuben Reuel